Rouge Band

Live schedule at Cowboy Grill March 9:Conspiracy March 14:Cuneta Astrodome(RAMP music Fest) March 21:Session’s Bar & Resto QC

They have high quality performances! Enchants the audience!

Princess Ybanez:Violinist
マニラ・フィルハーモニック・オーケストラのソリストを務めたこともある本格派。抜群のテクニックとセンスに注目!She is a solo techno violinist. She is also a singer, songwriter, and a member of pop-rock-all-girl-band, ROUGE.



Kara Mendez:Bassist
バンドリーダー。ボーカルも務める。ABS-CBNのコンテスト番組“ピノイドリームアカデミー・シーズン2”に出場。She is a leader of the group, bassist and vocalist. She joined ABS-CBN “Pinoy Dream Academy” Season 2.




Jeri Oro: Guitarist
弾けるように刻まれるギターと力強くキュートなボーカルが印象的。ソロでの楽曲発表やライブセッションも行っている。Her performance with a guitar is powerful and cute vocals are impressive. We also have solo music presentations and live sessions.




Gyan Murriel: Drummer
わずか10歳にしてバンドコンテストに参加。その後数々のコンテストで入賞。2014年には国際ドラミングコンテストでも入賞を果たす。She joined the band competition at the age of 10 then won many contests. In 2014 won in an International drumming contest.



When I saw their MV “Hanep” at YOUTUBE, I felt the strong impression, “This is a girls band”. Looks and performance are satisfactory, and each character is good. Individual performances and singing abilities further complement the powerful charm of violin. I feel the power that is reminiscent of the Chinese girls and “12 Girls Band” who have swept the world or the pionering Japanese girls “Princess Princess”. Band performances will be held at the center of Metro Manila from time to time, so please visit. They will break through soon.!

注目! フィリピンガールズグループ

Attention! Girls Group in the Philippines.

In Japan, the Hinamatsuri festival is usual in March. It is a traditional event that has been held since ancient times, hoping for the healthy growth of girls. During this period, various Hinamatsuris’ festival events are held in Japan, but the leading roles of course are by women. Every year, various Hinamatsuris’ festival live performances are held regardless of genre, from idol group to authentic artists. So, in the Philippines, how about trying to experience the feelings of Hinamatsuri by listening to girls group songs?
So, introduction of the girls group that want to pay attention in the Philippines now.
In the case of the Philippines solo
artists are overwhelmingly more, and
besides the number of girls groups is small. Of course, I think there are still more attractive groups picking up, but this time I chose it in particular considering it will be more familiar to Japanese people.
Many people cite the high musicality such as Filipino rhythm feeling and singing skill. The girl’s group, of course, is no exception.
Filipino girls group with the high musicality, with bright personality and character peculiar to the Filipino is the best live show than anything else. Check the schedule on the website and SNS, and go to the venue!



彼女たちを初めてみたのはThe X Factor UKの映像。彼女たちがイギリス・ロンドンを訪れ番組に登場した時のものだ(番組出演時のグループ名は4th Power)。フィリピンからやってきた4姉妹は一見どこにでもいる女の子たちに思えたが、そのパフォーマンスが始まると状況は一変した。審査員も観客も一瞬にして彼女たちの歌唱に引き込まれ、歌い終わった時、場内はスタンディングオベーションに包まれた。彼女たちは惜しくも最終審査で勝利することはできなかったがそのパフォーマンスは、鮮烈なインパクトとともに世界を駆け巡った。実際、この映像の視聴回数は1億3000万越えという驚異的な数字になっているのが何よりの証だ。
It was on the X Factor UK that I started watching their performance. was the first time they visited London and appeared on the program (the group name at the time of program appearance was 4th Power). Four sisters who came from the Philippines seemed like ordinary girls, but the situation changed completely as the performance began. Judges and spectators were instantly drawn by their singing and when it was over, the stadium was wrapped in standing ovation. Though they were not able to win victoriously in final judging, their performances went araound the world brilliantly. In fact, the number of views of this video has become an astounding number of over 130 million.
After that, they have made good careers through world tours, event appearances, album production, etc., making its status as the Girls Group of the highest rank in the Philippines undoubtedly. Though they have lots of activities abroad, I will check their schedule and I want that they will definitely visit live this year.


Four sisters weave a miracle harmony.

メジャーデビューは2017年1月発売の「Magdamagan」。MVは全編日本ロケ。彼女たちの魅力がたっぷり詰まった必見の一作だ。最新作の「Yamete kudasai」は、一昔前なら永井豪のアニメーションあたりに使われそうなコケティッシュでちょっとお色気の混じった一曲。少し方向性に迷っている気もするが、日本とフィリピンの良いとこどりでどんどんと攻めていってほしい。
They have five members, all of whom are half Japanese and half Filipino. Everyone is proficient in Japanese. At the “Manila Idol Festival” organized by Manila Shimbun Newspaper Cultural Division held on September 2, 2018, They served as MC, and spoke in Tagalog, English and Japanese. Of course, they attracted spectators to their performance as well. The staging of the original taste which is a bit different from the Japanese idol group like MNL 48 seems to have given a strong impression to the gathered idol fans.
Their major debut released in January 2017 is “Magdamagan”. MV was filmed in full story in Japan. It is a video that cannot be overlooked as it has plenty of their charms.”Yamete kudasai” of the latest work is a coquettish and a bit erotic song. If this song was issued a long time ago, it could be used for animation by Go Nagai who was popular in Japan.
They have many possibilities. They are sure to challenge various things by making good use of good things for Japan and the Philippines.



Live schedule at Cowboy Grill Malate:EVERY TUESDAY Mabini:EVERY WEDNSDAY Las Piñas:EVERY THURSDAY Delta-Quezon Ave.:EVERY FRIDAY

彼女たちのライブは、日本人にも人気のライブレストランCowboygrillで観賞することが可能。Cowboygrillの各店(Malate、Mabini、Las pnias、Delt-Quezon Av.)に定期的に出演している。ビールと食事を楽しみながら楽しむ彼女たちのステージは最高だ。
Since its formation in 2006, it is the most prominent girl’s group in the Philippines which is proud of its strong popularity despite repeatedly changing members. A vocal and dance unit, its powerful staging is most appealing.
I have released 4 albums so far and participated in music events and performed abroad as well.
You can watch them live at Cowboy Grill, a live restaurant popular among Japanese people. They regularly appear at each store of Cowboy Grill (Malate, Mabini, Las piñas, Delt-Quezon Ave.). Enjoy the beer and meals while watching them on stage is the best.


Dance and powerful songs. Satisfied with the best stage SHOW in front of you!



For the achievement of their dreams, they are self-produced and fully driven!

アイドル好きの女の子7人が自らをプロデュースして生まれたのが「アイドル素材」。2018年4月28日、コスプレ系イベントOzine Fest 2018で初ステージを踏みフィリピンンのアイドルシーンに登場。その後はアニメやコスプレ系のイベントでステージを重ね、2018年9月2日“まにらアイドル祭り”でオリジナル曲を初披露。メジャーデビュー前のグループとしては異例の盛り上がりを見せた。
“Idol Material” was formed by 7 girls who liked idols who produced themselves. On April 28, 2018, They performed at the stage for the first time at the cosplay event Ozine Fest 2018 and appeared in Filipino idol scene.
After that, at the event of anime and cosplay series, they performed repeatedly on stage, Then they sang original songs for “Manila idol Matsuri” on September 2, 2018. As a group, the major debut, They showed exceptional excitement.
Inspired by their favorite Japanese idol group, they are aiming to realize their own dreams as a Filipino original idol group. How they build a new Philippine idol group image in the Philippine music scene with the support of many Filipino fans longing for idol’s in Japan is going to be exciting
I look forward to their next self-produced plan.


The audition of
the Second Generation members started.

Live schedule March 10,17: MNL48 2nd Single Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie Handshake Event(Elements at Centris) April 6: MNL48 First Generation: Living The Dream Concert (New Frontier Theater)

2018年4月に本格始動した彼女たちはその活動を加速。9月28日デビューシングルの「Aitakatta – Gustong Makita」がデジタル配信されるとすぐさまiTunesで第1位を獲得。テレビやラジオ出演、イベントなど様々なメディアへの露出も増え、セカンドシングル「Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie」のミュージックビデオはYoutubeの視聴回数が100万を越えた。また、2019年1月29日にはバンコクで開催された「first AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in Bangkok」に参加。JKT48(ジャカルタ)、 BNK48 (Bangkok)、 AKB48 Team SH (上海)、 AKB48 Team TP (台北), SGO48 (ホーチミン) そして AKB48 (秋葉原)とともにステージに上がり早くも海外デビューも果たした。
2019年3月からは第2期生のオーディションもスタート。グループ内の競争というAKBグループならではの展開も今後は注目されることとなる。果たしてMNL48がAKB48 のようにブレイクするのか。今年の彼女たちの挑戦に注目だ。
“MNL48” which started full-scale operation in April 2018 accelerated their activities on September 28. As soon as the debut single “Aitakatta – Gustong Makita” was digitally distributed, it ranked first place in iTunes. Exposure to various media such as television and radio appearances and events also increased, and the music video of the second single “Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie” exceeded 1 million times playback on Youtube.
In addition, “MNL48” participated in the「first AKB 48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in Bangkok」 on January 29, 2019. “MNL48” went to the stage with JKT 48 (Jakarta), BNK 48 (Bangkok), AKB 48 Team SH (Shanghai), AKB 48 Team TP (Taipei), SGO 48 (Ho Chi Minh) and AKB 48 (Akihabara). In other words, they also made their overseas debut.
From March 2019, the audition of the Second Generation members started. The system unique to the AKB group that members compete in the group will also be noticed in the future. Will “MNL48” break through like “AKB 48”? I pay attention to this challenge this year.