at the BGC

Signature Dish: the world famous Puff Omelette

Recommended Spot in the
ever-evolving and popular city, BGC.


The recipe that can be tasted at BGC is a recipe that continues to be loved by people all over the world at Mont Saint-Michel, a World Heritage Site in France.

Mont Saint-Michel, a famous tourist destination in France and registered as a World Heritage Site. And since its establishment in 1988, the famous restaurant that has been loved by people is “La Mère Poulard”. The recipe completed by the founder, Annette Poulard is said to span about 700 species, and the fluffy omelet is the mastery dishes that attracts many celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe. Do you know that you can taste the traditional dishes of “La Mère Poulard” located at the BGC?
In fact, there are only three countries in the world that have La Mère Poulard: Originate in France and branch in Japan and in the Philippines. “La Mère Poulard Philippines” opened in 2018 at BGC SM Aura.
A more contemporary restaurant look is one of the hallmarks of La Mère Poulard Manila. The interiors are red & white lightheartedly reflect the restaurant’s heritage. A grand La Mère Poulard tradition also continues in the restaurant: framed picture of all celebrities and luminaries who’ve dined in the restaurant through the years are displayed all over the walls.
However, they have warm French home dishes that have been filled with the pilgrims’ hunger since its inception, and the moment of taste fascinates people as if visiting a land beyond space and time. This is a tradition and everyone should be convinced.
The essence of French cuisine at BGC must have to try it for yourself.

サーモンのリエット、コルニション添えとトースト。容器のままで供されるのも「ラ・メール・プラール」流Salmon Rillette with Cornichons and Toast. It is also “La Mère Poulard” style that is served with Cocotto.

一目見ておいしさ間違いなしと思わせる一品。豚フィレミニヨンの醤油と蜂蜜ソース。味付けも日本人好みなのがうれしい。A dish that conveys its taste just by a look. Pork Fillet Mignon in Soy and Honey Sauce is also the taste that Japanese people will like.


クリームブリュレ・グランマルニエ添えは、会食やデートでのディナーにピッタリのデザート。Luscious sweet vanilla custard laced crunchy sweet sugar so satisfying to crack with a spoon! Crème Brûlée with Grand Marnier is the perfect make ahead dessert for dinner with company or a date night-in meal.


Whether it’s an intimate dinner, a fancy lunch, or a vibrant party you wish to have – “La Mère Poulard Philippines” can prepare an experience that fuses the delectable flavors of Mont Saint Michel, Normandy France with the air of Filipino warmth and comfort in an ambiance that exudes a unique sense of cozy elegance.