【恋するマニラ】マニラで恋バナ。①川上浩一さん&ミレリ・M. 川上さん







Let’s Talk about Love.



Navi Manila interviews four couples about their relationship.






職業:ATTIC TOURS PHILS.,INC.  マニラ支店 支店長

ミレリ・M. 川上さん




Koichi Kawakami

Hometown: Meguro City, Tokyo

Occupation: General Manager, Manila Branch, ATTIC TOURS PHILS.,INC.

Mirelli M. Kawakami

Hometown: Makati City, Metro Manila

Occupation: Work at ATTIC TOURS PHILS.,INC.



Having met each other during the lockdown, Koichi and Mirelli tied the knot last September in Japan. They plan to travel back in April.











浩一:約3年前、共通の友人の紹介で、2人でランチをしたのが最初の出会いでした。場所は マカティの日本料理店です。














ミレリ:ロックダウンが緩和されてからは、ほぼ毎週末会うようになりました。そして、彼が私と同じコンドに引っ越して来たんです。私の近くに住みたいのは、私のことを好きだからだと思いました。また2020年の大晦日、新年になると同時にカーリー・レイ・ジェプセンの「I Really Like You」をBGMに、私の写真を編集したビデオを送ってきてくれました。リガウの期間は特にありません。











































Fun Together despite the Language Barrier and Cultural Gaps




– How did you come to know each other?


Koichi: We met and dined out on a Japanese food lunch in Makati through our mutual friend, about three years ago.


Mirelli: I was looking for a boyfriend at that time since my family was always asking me when I would get married.



– What was your first impression of your partner?


Koichi: She looked pretty and attractive.


Mirelli: He seemed shy and quiet. I wondered if he was scared of me, but I really enjoyed being with him.



– What motivated you to get into a relationship with your partner?


Mirelli: After the lockdown was eased, we hung out together almost every weekend. One day, he moved to the same condominium that I lived in, so I thought he wanted to live nearby because he liked me. On new year’s eve in 2020, he sent me the video he edited with my photographs and the song “I Really Like You” by Carly Rae Jepsen. That made me fall into a conclusion that he really liked me. We did not have a Ligaw period.


Koichi: I started the relationship with her as a friend and I realized we were dating after a while. To be honest, it was a mere coincidence that I moved to the same condominium……



– What do you like about your partner?


Koichi: She is mature and always very thoughtful of me.


Mirelli: He is gentle and sincere. I am comfortable and I can be my true self when I am with him.



– Did you have any challenges or culture shocks in the relationship?


Mirelli: We sometimes suffered from a language barrier when I spoke English fast, saying slang. The Japanese do not express feelings while the Filipinos do openly. He seldom says “I love you” or “You are beautiful” to me.


Koichi: There is a difference between us in a sense of language. She is always straightforward unlike Japan’s high context culture in communication.



– What is the key to a happy relationship?


Mirelli: Being open and honest in communicating with your partner is one of the most important things in a relationship, most especially if you have different background and culture.


Koichi: As she says, communication is important. We celebrate our anniversaries of partnership apart from birthdays and Christmas etc.



– What is your plan for Valentine’s Day ?


Koichi: We are going to dine out. Of course, I will prepare a gift for her.


Mirelli: I will give him chocolate like in Japan.



– What was the best gift from your partner?


Koichi: It is hard to choose the one… I really appreciate all the efforts she puts into preparing my lunch bento everyday. Knowing that she cares and loves me is already considered that the best gift from my partner.


Mirelli: I am not a materialistic person. I prefer eating out with him to receiving flowers from him. If he can afford to buy something expensive for me, I would like him to save the money for travel !