職業:IT企業 営業事務


Clarence Dayan R. Cardinal
Hometown: Bocaue, Bulacan
Occupation: Dentist
Imari Joy B. Paril
Hometown: Montalban, Rizal
Occupation: IT company sales force admin



In a relationship since August 2020, currently live together with Imari’s son and two dogs.









































































クラレンス:物で言えば、今使っている仕事用のバッグです。でもやはり一番は、 彼女のおかげで家族ができたこと。私は自分の親兄弟とあまり仲が良くないので、彼女の息子も含めて家族と呼ぶことができるのがうれしいです。






We are Different but Build a Happy Family



– How did you come to know each other?


Clarence: We met on bumble, a dating app in July 2020.


Imari: She approached me first and we started chatting on the app. After three weeks, she visited me at my hometown, Montalban. We decided to be in a relationship in August 2020.



– What was your first impression of your partner?


Clarence: Just like, “oh, she is small” haha.


Imari: She was not entirely my type, but okay haha.



– What motivated you to get into a relationship with your partner?


Clarence: I fell head over heels in love with her.


Imari: She asked me everyday if we are already a couple or not and I just answered like “maybe” hehe.


Clarence: She actually rejected me when I confessed to her after a month of chatting.


Imari: I was not ready to commit to the relationship yet at that time. There was no Ligaw stage for us because we tried to be friends at first.


Clarence: After four months of dating, I asked her to accompany me when I moved out to a new place in Bulacan. I was scared to be alone in my new house so I asked her to live with me only for a month. But we ended up staying together until now.



– Did you have any challenges in the relationship?


Imari: I had a lot of adjustments to do in my new environment after I moved out to Bulacan. Because it was my first time to leave my hometown and we had different lifestyles. Also, it took time for her to understand that I’m the type of person who needs space after arguments so that I can talk about it calmly afterwards.


Clarence: She is a negative thinker and always thinks about the worst case scenario. It was a little difficult for me to get used to it at first.



– What do you like about your partner?



Clarence: I like a lot of things about her. She is a great mom. She is a good cook. But what is the most important is that she is my best friend.


Imari: What I like about her is that she is determined to be one of the best in her profession. She is always eager to learn and explore new options. As my partner, I like her because she thinks about my happiness.



– Did you have anything you were surprised about your partner?


Imari: We have a lot because we have different personalities. For example, I felt stressed to see she was untidy.


Clarence: We are also polarized in terms of our philosophy of love. She is a person who does not believe in love while I am a hopeless romantic.


Imari: But we have the same morality and basic way of thinking. That’s why we are in a good relationship.



– What is the key to a happy relationship?


Clarence: It’s communication for us. Whatever happens between us, we talk at the end of the day.


Imari: But even if we don’t agree on each other and don’t solve actual problems, it is okay. The important thing is to respect each other’s opinion.



– What is your plan for Valentine’s Day this year?


Clarence: I suggested that we go on a vacation. But we gave that up since I am doing the externship and I can’t take leaves.


Imari: We are thinking to have a nice dinner.



– What was the best gift you have received from your partner so far?


Clarence: The work bag she gave me if it’s a material thing. But after all the best gift is that she gave me a family. I’m not close to my own family so I’m happy that I can call her and her son my family.


Imari: As she said, I’m also happy to be with her. I’m protective about my son and I don’t usually let others meet him. But she is the one I could introduce to my son. She gave us a sense of security and a gift of family.