【#OOTD in Manila】STREET SNAP INTERVIEWS ストリートスナップインタビュー③





Yuichiro Mizuno
Hometown: Saitama, Japan
Age: 30
Occupation: Office Worker
Favorite Brands: I always struggle with answering this question because I can’t
think of any…
Top: Journal Standard
Bottoms: Zara
Watch: A.P.C. x Carhartt x TIMEX Collaboration model
Rings: Thrift shop in Yutenji, Tokyo
Necklace: Bought in Alabang (100 pesos)
Shoes: Paraboot




I was in the adolescence phase called “Chuuni” when I was a student in Japan so I always wore black. But now I am freed from the Chuuni spell and started wearing colors like today’s Cuban shirt. Zara is my place to go shopping in Manila. The rings that make me look stronger are important as I am an introvert and otaku who easily gets looked down on by others. I am planning to replace this rusty necklace with a new one.
Photo taken in Greenbelt, Makati







パハリリョ 一未さん
Kazumi Pajarillo
Hometown: Tokyo
Occupation: English Coach, Website Content Writer
Favorite Brands: Zara, Mango, Ralph Lauren, Ripndip, Puma
Top: Sly
Watch: Cartier
Ring: Manila Diamond Studio/Handmade (Wedding ring )
Earrings: Bought at Pop-up store in Japan
Bag: Bought in Grand•Food•Hall, Roppongi, Tokyo
Sandals: Bought in Thailand




I like this outfit’s waist hugging design. When choosing clothes, I consider if the item suits me and if it makes me happy. I often ask my fashion-loving Filipino husband for his opinion. I used to work in the fashion industry in Japan, in which I enjoyed distinctive fashion in my own way with fashion-conscious colleagues. In Manila, I shop for clothing at Mango, Zara, Uniqlo, second–hand stores in Makati Central Square and Up Town Mall, BGC.
Photo taken in Washington Sycip Park, Makati