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ネルソン・ジョン・ベルトランさん Mr. Nelson John Beltran マニラ市生まれ、ラグナ州サンタロサ市在住。テクニカルサポートおよび日本人の英語教師として勤務。「今33歳で3児の父となり、コロナ禍の影響もあって山へひとりでキャンプに行くのは月1〜2回。サーフィンを本格的に始めたいと思っています」 Originally from City of Manila, Mr. Beltran lives in Santa Rosa, Laguna and works as a technical support and English teacher for Japanese students. ‘Being a father of three kids at 33 now, I managed to go solo camping in a mountain once or twice a month due to the pandemic. I think about starting another hobby, surfing. ’













ロメロ山にある7つの滝の一つ。 One of the seven waterfalls at Mt. Romelo













「キャンプ料理はパスタや麺など簡単に調理できるものがメインですが、すぐには悪くならず、ご飯に合うアドボも最適」 ‘I normally cook pasta or noodles which are easy to prepare. Adobo is one of the ideal food while camping because it doesn’t spoil easily and best to partner with rice.’



Escape from the Real Life
My Home is in a Tent



It was 2001 when I set on a camping trip on my own. I was 14 years old. I went to Mt. Romelo, Laguna.I was separated from my parents as a kid and raised by relatives. I wanted to go camping to escape from the situation I was in and craved for a place I could call home – my tent. Camping gives me self-reliance and independence. I love mountains and learned essential knowledge about camping and mountaineering through experience. We can enjoy camping and climbing mountains all through the year in the Philippines. During the dry season, you see the scenic view of the land below from the summit and stars in the sky at night. In the wet season, mountains with waterfalls become magnificent with abundant water.




My most favorite camping spot is Mt. Melibengoy (Mt. Parker) in South Cotabato. The view of the camping site by the Lake Holon is just surreal. Mt. Pulag, Benguet is also memorable with a scenic view of the sea of clouds. For those who start camping, Mt. Romelo, Laguna and Mt. Batulao, Batangas are recommended because they are conveniently accessible by car from Manila.



I did a lot of solo camping in my 20s while I enjoyed camping with friends in small mountains and beaches. I like relaxing myself and reading books when camping. When I was 18, I was inspired by the movie ‘Into The Wild’, which is based on a true story of an American guy who set on an adventure alone going to Alaska, and I traveled to Benguet alone for a month, climbing mountains, visiting villages, working at farms .




Almost dead n a Mountain



I was rescued by companions during my first major climb on Mt. Amuyao, Nueva Vizcaya. I almost died of hypothermia because of the sudden weather change. We set up an emergency camp on the narrow trail in the heavy rain. Despite such dangerous experience, I never quit camping. I wish I could go to the Himalayas to experience their culture, and climb Mt. Everest if my body permits.



Photos courtesy of Mr. Nelson John Beltran