オタク in マニラ Otaku in Manila [Japanese & English]





 フィリピンと日本をつなぐものといえば? 政治や経済や外交といったことは置いといて、やはり日本のポップカルチャーが果たしてきた役割は大きいんじゃないでしょうか。漫画、アニメ、ゲーム、コスプレ、アイドル、ヲタ芸、フィギュア、アニソン。これら各界隈のフィリピン人オタク7人に聞いて、その浸透度を探ってみました。 (ナビマニラ2021年6月号 vol.78巻頭企画)


 What links the Philippines and Japan ?   Apart from politics , economy, diplomacy etc., Navi Manila believes Japanese pop culture has played a significant role in building a good relationship  between people in these  two countries.  Manga, anime , game , cosplay, idols, wotagei , figures, anison. Navi Manila interviews seven Otaku Filipinos to explore how deep Japan’s otaku culture runs  in the Philippines.   






カレン・ニールセン・パルコニトさん Karen Nielsen Palconit  1986年首都圏ケソン市生まれ。「コロナ禍が終息したら、家族で日本へ行く予定。旅館に泊まり、ディズニーシー、相撲、チームラボの展示、漫画の原画が展示されている集英社ギャラリー、秦基博のコンサートにも行きたい。フィリピンには売っていない漫画も買いたいです」





 私が子どもだった1990年代、朝学校へ行く前にテレビで 「トムソーヤーの冒険」などのアニメを見ていました。主人公のように学校へ行かず冒険できたらと空想したり、キャラクターが いつも同じ服を着ているのをおかしいと思ったり、森でたき火を囲んで食べているのは何だろうと不思議に思ったりしたのが、アニメの原体験。その後、「セーラームーン」や「ドラゴンボール」に出会って一気に私のマンガ、アニメ熱が盛り上がりました。悟空のかめはめ波やセーラージュピターのジュピターパワー、メイクアップを友達と再現して遊びました。



首都圏ラスピニャス市にあったイェクセルズおもちゃ博物館(Yexel’s Toy Museum)で。テレビや映画で活躍するイェクセルズ・セバスチャンさんが収集したアニメキャラクターのフィギュアなどを展示する博物館は、残念ながら閉館。
















 Manga and Anime Develop My Curiosity



Karen Nielsen Palconit

Born in Quezon city, 1986. ‘After the corona pandemic is over, I plan to visit Japan with my family. I would like to stay at a ryokan inn, go to Disney Sea, TeamLab exhibitions, Shueisha Gallery where the original drawings of manga are showcased, and Motohiro Hata’s concert. I will buy mangas which are not sold in The Philippines,’    


In 1990s when I was a little child, I watched Japanese animes on TV such as the ‘Adventure of Tom Sawyer’ in the morning before going to school. I wished I could join their adventures, skip classes, and was amused why they wore the same clothes every day or wondered what they ate around the bonfire in the forest. That’s my first anime experience. Then I stumbled on Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball and my anime fandom went up to a different level.  I remembered imitating the scenes of Goku’s Kamehame wave and Sailor Jupiter’s “Jupiter Power, Make Up” with my friends.


When I read One Piece manga around 2000s, I was fascinated to see how a monochromatic art could exude colorful scenes and how small details could influence them.


The characters in One Piece are well-developed and their battle techniques have become more impressive. There are surprising plot twists and it’s surprising and amusing to know that clues were already thrown off in the previous episodes back before the eventual truth comes out.


One Piece is one of my most favorite manga. I recommend One Piece to my two-year-old daughter and want her to learn friendship, following one’s dreams, and going on adventures.


Gintama is also my favorite manga. It has many sword battles and full parodies of other mangas and animes.


Cowboy Bebop is my favorite anime. I like thrilling fight scenes and how it revealed each of the characters’ pasts. The OST is wonderful.


Becoming a fan has influenced me in my choices when it comes to movies, music, and literature.


For example, I get to know Motohiro Hata since I listen to his anime songs and my playlist is full of his songs.


I also watch as many Japanese movies and J-dramas as I can find. My favorite is ‘Villain’  (Satoshi Tsumabuki and Eri Fukatsu). I watched that when I attended Japan Eiga Sai in Manila .


A few years ago, I attended Japanese language school because I wanted to see if the English translation of subtitles and lyrics were accurate. I plan to resume Japanese study with my daughter.      


Someday I would love to establish a forum or event to discuss with experts on manga and anime, not just to express what we love about them but to talk about their technical details like the art behind it, the techniques for drawing, screenplay for anime and its direction, psychology relating to the characters, and how these things can be relevant to us.


Photos Courtesy of Ms. Karen Nielsen Palconit







パブロ・バイランさん Pablo Bairan  Cosplay. ph代表。1971年首都圏マカティ市生まれ。高校、大学時代を米国カリフォルニア州で過ごす。California Polytechnic State University 卒。本業は娯楽施設や企業向けコスチュームのデザイン・製造。東京・新宿のロボットレストランのロボットや衣装も手がけた。「コロナ禍前は、コスプレ関連の仕事や旅行でほぼ毎年日本へ行っていました。東京の秋葉原、羽田、そして京都、大阪。妻が日本好きということもあってリピーターになりました。




 なんだこれは・・・・・・!? 今から約20年前、アニメのイベントで初めてコスプレを見た時、奇妙なのに何か惹(ひ)きつけられるものがありました。コスプレイヤーになる前から、フィリピンで日本のアニメやゲーム、ポップカルチャーのファンで、鉄腕アトム、ボルテスV、マジンガーZ、マクロス、ファイナルファンタジーなどが好きでした。米国にいた時はマーベルやDCコミックスにはまりました。



 2006年に有志と起業したCosplay phは、コスプレ、アニメ、ゲーム、コレクションアイテムをテーマにしたイベント運営会社。当時はイベントがしっかり運営されておらず、コスプレイヤーと観客のため、フィリピンでコスプレを発展させるべく起業しました。私たちが主催する主なイベントは「コスプレカーニバル」「アニメ&コスプレエキスポ」「コスプレマニア」「コスプレ祭」の年4回。音楽にウェートを置いたり、日本的なものを取り入れたり、それぞれ特徴がありますが、「異世界へのアドベンチャー」が共通のテーマです。これら恒例のイベントのほか、SMの商業施設とのタイアップによりフィリピン全国でイベントを行います。コロナ禍でイベントが中止になったので、今はオンラインでコスプレイヤーとファンとの交流を図っています。























 Established a Company for Cosplayers,

 Developing the Biggest Cosplay Event in the Philippines. 



Pablo Bairan   President, Cosplay.ph

Born in Makati City in 1971, Pablo spent his high school and college days in California, USA and graduated from California Polytechnic State University. Apart from being the President, Cosplay.phan, his main profession is designing and manufacturing of costumes for amusement parks and companies including te robots and
costumes of the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
  Before the pandemic, I visited to Japan for business and pleasure almost every year. I have been to
Akihabara, Haneda in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. As my wife likes visiting Japan, we became a frequent repeat traveler to Japan.    


‘What is this….!? ‘ The first time I saw cosplayers about 20 years ago,  I found it was a big strange at first, but it was intriguing as well.  Before becoming a cosplayer, I was a fan of anime, games, and Japanese culture, such as Astro Boy, Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Macross, Final Fantasy etc. While staying in the US, I was hooked on Marvel and DC comics. 


Cosplay.ph, which was established in 2006, is a corporation that is focused on organizing events and activities that involve anime, cosplay, collectibles, and gaming. At the time, events in the Philippines were not well organized so that my friends and I founded.

Cosplay ph with a vision to improve events for cosplayers and audiences and to evolve cosplay in the Philippines.


 Over 100 Cosplay characters


 Around the year 2008, when we first launched Cosplay Mania, cosplay started to be popular in the Philippines. The biggest annual cosplay event, Cosplay Mania attracted 40,000 to 50,000 audiences as well as 2,000 to 3,000 cosplayers in 2019. Most cosplayers are aged 16- 24. I have seen the youngest cosplayer at 6- month-old baby and the oldest 78 years old.    


  As a cosplayer myself I created more than 100 cosplay characters. My first cosplay is   as a Xenmorph from the movie Alien. The most memorable cosplays so far are about 2.4 m tall Hulkbuster and a 3m tall Optimus Prime.  They were challenging not only in making with an innovative technic but also in acting with stilts.  It usually takes 2 few weeks to complete making a cosplay and a bigger cosplay requires a few months. The Hulkbuster cost 30,000 to 40,000 pesos for production. It is the costliest cosplay character I made.


 Got Married to a Cosplayer     


I buy materials EVA form in Marikina, cloth in Divisoria and electronics and lights in Recto. A lot of the sewing is done by my wife.   She is also a cosplayer and co-founder of Cosplay ph. We got to know each other at a cosplay event and got married. We have 21 year and 11-year-old daughters and 1 year old boy. My daughters are interested in cosplaying, but we do not force them to do.


The challenge of creating something new and innovative fascinates me in cosplay.  Cosplay competitions are serious stuff, but the cosplayers enjoy interacting each other without costumes at the event after reception. it is wonderful to see the scene.  


Photos Courtesy of Mr. Pablo Bairan


Enjoy Cosplay Manila 2019 video ! 







スプレモさん Supremo  本名:ジョナサン・デラ・クルス Jonathan Erol Dela Cruz  1998年首都圏マニラ市生まれ、現在はバランガス州に居住。閃光Wotagei団 の共同創立メンバーであり、リーダーを務める。Adamson University卒。現在はコーヒーなどバタンガス産の製品を販売する自営業。「私のヲタ芸の振り付けは、大学時代に日本文化交流会で習ったYOSAKOI踊りにも影響を受けています」





 What’s ヲタ芸?






















 私はもともと日本の育成シミュレーションゲーム『アイドルマスター』のファン。閃光Wotagei団という名前は、このゲームに出てくるユニット「閃光☆HANABI団」にちなんでいます。グループのメンバーもアイドルマスターのファンつながり。アニソンファンでもあり、特にfripSide(フリップサイド)の「only my railgun」(オンリー・マイ・レールガン)が好き。乃木坂46もたまに聞きます。 
 サイリウムダンスは、ビジュアル的に見栄えがすることはもちろん、サイリウムスティックの色の選択や、体の動きで感情を強調することができるのが魅力です。 閃光Wotagei団の目標、それはヲタ芸を通じての自己表現の確立です。






こちらから 閃光Wotagei団の動画 をご覧になれます。



Anison and Game Leads Me to Wotagei 


Supremo, Leader, co- founder of   閃光Wotagei団

Real name: Jonathan Erol Dela Cruz   Born in 1998 in City of Manila, resides in Province of Batangas.Alma mater: Majored in Communication, Adamson University . Self- employed, selling products from Batangas such as coffee. ‘My Wotagei choreography is influenced by Japan’s Yosakoi dance that  I saw at a Japan cultural exchange event in university.’   


The first wotagei Psyllium dance I came across is the performance of GinyuforcE on YouTube. I found it was cool and colorful with psyllium sticks.


In July 2018, I formed 閃光Wotagei団 with friends of mine. Prior to us, another group named Hibana had already been formed. We collaborate and compete in friendly rivalry.   At   閃光Wotagei団, there are seven active main members and staff who assists our video filming.  


Before the corona pandemic, we showcased our wotagei in anime song events and uploaded videos at least one up to three per month. We practiced individually for a week and shot a video on Saturday.  Due to the pandemic, our members cannot gather now so that we have plenty of time to think about wotagei personally.   


As the leader of 閃光Wotagei団, I am I charge of choosing music and choreography.


Compared to solo wotagei which showcases individual skills of dance, group wotagei focuses on formation of dance. There is a different style of wotagei named ‘chikagei’ which is a free style without holding a psyllium stick.  閃光Wotagei団 specializes in wotagei psyllium dance . 


We use psyllium sticks which cost 1500 peso a box of 25 sticks. A disposal psyllium stick lasts lighting orange color for about three minutes.  We also use pen light with an AAA battery.   


Our video shooting is usually held outdoor after dark to save rental cost of a studio.   


I am originally a fan of a Japanese social simulation game IDLE MASTER.  閃光Wotagei団 is named after a unit 閃光☆HANABI団in the game.  The members of our   閃光Wotagei団 are also IDLE MASTER fans.


I like anisong. My favorite song is ‘only my railgun by fripSide. I sometimes listen to Nogizaka 46 songs. The goal of 閃光Wotagei団 is to establish ourselves through wotagei psyllium dance.


Photos Courtesy of 閃光Wotagei団


Enjoy閃光Wotagei団 Video →  閃光Wotagei団







アイス・スミニストラドさん Ais Suministrado  1983年ラグナ州ロスバニョス生まれ。University of the Philippines, Los Banos卒。修士課程(情報工学)在籍中および実業家。子どもの頃、筑波大学の博士課程で学んでいた父親といっしょに日本に約4年滞在。「日本へ行く目的はアイドルがメインですが、ウルトラマンなど特撮作品の聖地巡礼や仮面ライダー、スーパー戦隊など日本のドラマや映画のロケ地めぐりもします」




 私はいわゆる「箱推し」で、アイドルグループの特定のメンバーを応援するのではなく、グループ全体を応援しています。また、ライブでは動かずにじっと静かにステージを見守る「地蔵ヲタ」です。 好きなアイドルはハロー!プロジェクト所属のモーニング娘。をはじめ、アンジュルム、Juice=Juice、つばきファクトリー、BEYOOOOONDS、ハロプロ以外にもBiSH、アップアップガールズ(仮)、夢みるアドレセンス、解散しましたがソラトブサカナ、・・・・・・・・・(ドッツトーキョー)などのファンでもあります。







 アイドルが好きになったのは2002年に地元ケーブルテレビのチャンネルVでモ-ニング娘。の「そうだ! We’re ALIVE」を見たのがきっかけ。女の子のグループが音楽に合わせて歌って踊るのを見て、元気が出てハッピーな気分になりました。ビデオを何回も繰り返し見たのを覚えています。その頃は矢口真里が推しメンだったんですが、いろいろなグループを知るうちに、箱推しとなって今に至ります。

















 Hako Oshi –  Jizou Wota Loves Music and Wishes Happiness of Idols



Ais Suministrado

Born in Los Banos, Laguna, in 1983, Graduated from University of the Philippines Los Banos, majoring in electrical engineering, now a master student majoring in Information Technology and a business owner. Ais lived in Japan for four years when his father was at a doctoral course in the University of Tsukuba.
“What motivates me to visit Japan is idols. But I aIso enjoy pilgrim to the spots of tokusatsu such as Ultraman  and locations of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider spots along with Japanese dramas I’ve watched ‘.


I am so called a Hako-oshi, Hako-Wota, supporting the whole unit of idle rather than an individual member. I am also a Jizo-wota who is watching the stage quietly at a live.    


I don’t think there’s a term named “Hako-Wota”. Also it’s “idol”, not “idle”.


 I like Hello! Project idol groups such as Morning Musume,   Angerme, Juice=Juice, Tsubaki Factory, BEYOOOOONDS. Ohter  than Hello! Project idles, I am a fan of BiSH.  Up Girls. Yumemiru Adolescence, disbanded sora tob sakana, ・・・・・・・・・(dots.tokyo) and so on.


Going to Tokyo to see idols


It was when Morning Musume’s “Sou da, We’re Alive” was shown in a local cable music channel (Channel V) that I think I first got attracted and became an idol fan back in 2002. I felt happy and energetic to watch irls singing and dancing with the tune of the song. I watched the music video  over and over again.


At that time, my oshimen was Yaguchi Mari of Morning Musume. But after getting to know other idol groups , I became a Hako Oshi. 


  Since being an idle fan, I guess I spent six digit amount, some hundred thousand pesos . I support idles by purchasing their merchandise and goods online and at events. I have been to Tokyo Idle Festival and Hello! Project Summer Concert in Japan. I also went to Hello! Project shop in Akihabara and joined Girls2 Hi Touch event.


 I was nervous and did not know how to interact at first when meeting idles face to face at cheki photography event and Hi Touch event. But since they were easy to talk to, I was very happy.


Happy to see idols success 


In my opinion, there are some differences between Japanese and Korean idols. Apart from music they sing and play, Japanese idol groups tend to project an innocent image while Korean idol groups have a bit more mature image.


Watching them being successful makes me happy, so it is also my goal to see them successful as a fan. It is a love of music that makes me stay as an idol fan in the future.


There’s a saying “When you truly love someone, you wish for their happiness, even if you are not going to be part of them”. So in other words, I respect their decision to “graduate” and go on to their next stages in life as I always wish for their happiness.



Photos Courtesy of Mr. Ais Suministrado







エドレル・ディーさん Edrell Dy    アニメフィギュアのオンラインショップOnegai Onii-chan Japanese Hobby Shop経営。1989年首都圏サンフアン市生まれ。Ateneo De Manila University, Bachelor of Science in Management 卒。「アニメのイチ推しは『ラブライブ!』。もうすぐ1歳になる息子のティレルも将来、オタクになる可能性大。強制はしませんが。妻もアニメファンでコスプレイヤーなので」













 今フィリピンで人気のアニメは「鬼滅の刃」「進撃の巨人」「呪術廻戦」でしょう。不思議なもので、こうした人気作品のフィギュアが売れる一方で、やはり当店の主な顧客層は「ラブライブ!」やFateシリーズ、Ban Dream!(バンドリ!)といったガチのオタク作品のファン。最近は中国の「原神」や「アークナイツ」「アズールレーン」も人気です。



ラブライブ!サンシャイン!! の聖地巡礼で訪れた秋葉原でラブライブ!のポスターにひれ伏すディーさん。




 日本へはもう何度も行きました。「ラブライブ!サンシャイン!!」に出てくるグループアクア(Aqours)の大ファンなので、大きなイベントのたびに訪日です。東京の秋葉原、中野、渋谷、原宿、横浜、埼玉、千葉、名古屋、金沢、福岡。ラブライブ!のほかにもLiSA、水瀬いのり、fripSide、マクロス クロスオーバーライブにも行きました。最近行ったのはコロナ禍前の昨年1月、さいたまスーパーアリーナでのラブライブ!9周年フェストです。 




ラブライブ!サンシャイン!! の聖地巡礼で訪れた静岡沼津市で。




 From a Moe Anime Fan to an Anime Goods Shop Owner  



Edrell Dy

Owner of Anime figure and toy online shop ‘Onegai Onii-chan Japanese Hobby Shop “. Born in San Juan, Metro Manila in 1989. Alma mater:   Ateneo De Manila University, Bachelor of Science in Management. My most favorite anime is Love Live! My son, who is about to be 1 year old, is like to be an Otaku in the future as my wife is also an anime fan and a cosplayer although we do not force him to be…”           


The name Onegai Onii-Chan started as a joke.  When I started shop in 2012, I was hooked on moe animes and watching a lot of them, and a lot of the little sister type characters often said, “Onii-chan” in a cute voice. Since I thought the concept of our shop is to provide anime fans with the products that they want and the feeling of a little sister asking something from her onii-chan have something in common, I jokingly decided that we should name our shop “Onegai Onii-chan”. It is kimoi, isn’t it? 


Love LiVe! Specialty Shop?


  Back in 2012, there was already a big anime fan community in the Philippines, but A most anime goods were fakes/bootlegs. I was not satisfied with the selection of items and I wanted to bring in authentic, licensed products from Japan and expected that there were anime fans who have similar feelings about anime and anime-related products, so that we decided to open Onegai Onii- Chan.


The best seller item of all time so far at Onegai Onii-chan is Love Live! series figures.  Some people call Love Live! shop.  hololive. Vtubers are super popular now. The most sold price range is definitely around the 1,500 to 4,000 peso price range. Around 75% of customers are male. I think figures enable fans to a physical connection to their favourite characters, which are originally 2 dimensional characters.  That’s why figures fascinate anime fans.  


I think the popular mainstream animes now are Kimetsu no Yaiba, Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen. Ironically, while we sell items from these titles, our core market is more hardcore otaku titles, such as Love Live! Fate series, BanG Dream!, Vtubers and etc. China-owned IP are also very big now, especially Genshin Impact, Arknights, Azur Lane and etc. 


Proud to be an Otaku


 I have been to Japan multiple times. As I am a very big fan of the Love Live! Sunshine!! group, Aqours. I go to Japan every time they have a major live event. This has taken me to multiple locations in Japan already. Some of the places I have been to are Akihabara, Nakano, Yokohama, Saitama, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Chiba, Kanazawa, Shibuya, Harajuku.


Other than a Love Live! event, but I have also attended lives by artists such as LiSA, Minase Inori, fripSide and the Macross Crossover Live. My latest trip to Japan was actually January of last year, just before the coronavirus pandemic broke out. I was there for the Love Live! 9th Anniversary Love Live! Fest, held at Saitama Super Arena.


When I drop at anime specialty shops in Akihabara, I, I do take ideas to sell anime goods. I want Onegai Onii-chan to be a well-rounded store, not just focused on toys or figures. Some examples that I look up to is Gamers or Animate.


I have been an anime fan for 25 years now. I am proud to be an otaku. Some people may think it is weird as I like being alone and I find my happiness in my hobbies such as anime. Even now, I am not offended when people call me otaku. I actually go to public places wearing anime gear (t-shirt, ita-bag, etc) and also plan on having my car fully wrapped with anime design to make it an ‘Ita-sha’.


Photos Courtesy of Mr. Edrell Dy, Onegai Onii-chan Japanese Hobby Shop







ジェェームズ・ウィルソン・バロさん James Wilson Baro  1997年リサール州カインタ市生まれ。ICCT Colleges卒。職業はITサポート。「ゲーム用のパソコンは、普通のものと機能は変わりませんが、『トリプルA』という鮮明な画像の新世代ゲームをプレイする性能を備えています。8万ペソしました。ゲームはいつも専門店のDatablitzで買うことにしています」











 私がこれまで遊んだゲームのベストを挙げるとしたら、ゴッド・オブ・ウォー(God of War)。ギリシャ神話をテーマにしたストーリーがすばらしい。そしてレーシングゲームのグランツーリスモ、湾岸ミッドナイトマキシマムチューン、頭文字Dが上位に来ます。
















Gaming Requires Total Concentration



James Wilson Baro

Born in Cainta, Rizal in 1997, James graduated from  ICCT Colleges and works as an IT support. ‘My PC for playing games is equipped with an AAA (Triple A) function which runs vivid visual images.  It cost 80,000 pesos.’


When playing games, I forget any troubles and immerse myself in the game. I feel very happy while playing games. There is no other substitute for that. I really love playing games.


I became interested in games at the age of five. I was a kindergartner, watching my father play PlayStation 1. He taught me how to play games. The first game I played was  Nokia 3310 Space Impact .  



Gaming Every Day, All Day on Holidays 



  Metal Slug and Super Mario Bros. were the first games that I really loved to play. Super Mario  is a fascinating and challenging game to play with unique characters. I played a lot of Japanese games. The most favourite is Final Fantasy 7. I think there are a lot of role playing, fighting and action adventure genres, which are storyline and character oriented , in Japanese games  rather than shooting games.            


The best game I ever played is God of War. It’s a great game based on Greek myth.  Racing games such as Gran Turismo,  Wangan Maximum Tune, Initial D are also in  the top. 


 I now play Dota 2 , League of Legend, Cytus, Deemo and Call of Duty.   On weekdays I play games for about three hours after work and on holidays I play games all day long. I have spent 14 hours playing games consecutively. Once starting to play a game, I lose track of the time.


I prefer playing games at home by myself to going to an arcade. It’s because I concentrate on gaming and save money.  I currently have 30 game softs with some cartridge type games. I used to have PS1 and 2, Portable and Vista but now PS4 only after I sold most consoles.     


Gaming is now called e sports. Playing games at competitions is similar to chess which requires you play with tactics, concentration, endurance etc.   


I once joined a Tekken7 competition in my hometown. There were over 30 gamers and many of them were more experienced than I. I did not win but was happy to compete with other gamers and learn new techniques.   


I am often called a gamer but have never been called an otaku. In the Philippines, those who like to play games are called a gamer. I think a gamer is different from an otaku.


Photos Courtesy of Mr. James Wilson Baro







ケビン・コナナンさん Kevin Conanan    1986年ラグナ州ビニャン市生まれ。Don Bosco Technical College卒。サポートスペシャリストとして勤務。「バンドをやっているんですが、マニラでのイベントで、スターマリー(STARMARIE)、UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ、井上ジョーから演奏をほめられたのは忘れられない思い出です」 写真:「この素晴らしい世界に祝福を!」のキャラクターめぐみんのフィリピン人コスプレイヤーRegine the duck さん(左)と。



 アニメ「Angel Beats!」を見て歌を気に入り、オリジナルサウンドトラックを探して知ったのがLiSA。ボーカリストとしてすごいのはもちろん、コンサートのビデオを見てハマりましたね。アニメなどを見て覚えた日本語が出てくると歌詞もわかります。


 もともと日本の漫画、アニメ、ゲームファンです。ベスト3を挙げると漫画は「いちご100%」「ラブひな」「エルフェンリート」 、アニメは「ドラゴンボールZ」「スラムダンク」「鋼の錬金術師 」、ゲームなら「ファイナルファンタジーシリーズ」「ロックマン」(海外ではメガマン)、「ストリートファイター」。 




バンド Project : Materia としてオタク・エキスポで演奏するケビンさん(左)。「この時は、アニメ『Fate/stay night』からエメの『Brave Shine』とファイナルファンタジーメドレーを演奏しました」





 I am into an anime song singer now !



Kevin Conanan

Born in Biñan, Laguna in 1986. Graduating from Don Bosco Technical College, Mr Conanan now works as a support specialist. ‘ I play the guitar in a band. ‘  I met Japanese artists such as  STARMARIE , UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ , Japanese- American Joe Inoue during their concert in Manila. It was actually a good experience as they were came up to me and told me that we had a great performance after playing the opening act for their concert ’.


I first learned of LiSA through the anime Angel Beats. Liked the songs from the anime and that led me to research the OST. Aside from the great vocals, I got hooked on her after watching some live videos from concerts. There are some words that I can understand due to hearing them most of the time in anime, videos, and some shows.


I like Japanese  manga, anime , games. Here’s my top 3 for each genre.


Manga – Ichigo 100%, Love Hina, Elfen Lied


Anime – Dragon Ball Z, Slam Dunk, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood


Game – Final Fantasy series, Rock Man (aka Megaman in overseas markets) , Street Fighter


I haven’t bought anything as of yet but if LiSA or Aimer , a singer from FATE series comes to the Philippines to play a live concert, I do try to attend their concerts.


I think Japanese idols , artists have a vibe that is really positive and it gives their fans a good feeling whenever and wherever they perform. They have definitely a unique sound that can’t be replicated.


Being an Otaku is something that I do not hide and it is part of who I am. So no, I don’t feel offended if ever I’m called one.


Photos Courtesy of Mr. Kevin Conanan




 オタク英語の基礎知識  English Otaku Terminology  




 Cute Girls Doing Cute Thingsの略。かわいい女の子がかわいいことをする日本のアニメのジャンルの呼び方。
K-On! is my most favorite CGDCT anime. ’
‘ The dying hero suddenly got superpowers to revive.  I don’t like such a big ass-pull. ’
‘ A friend of mine was so salty when he lost to the opponent in Tekken.’
ship / shipping
‘ I have shipped Hanako and Taro.Tell me your best ship in anime.  ’
A: ‘ I  love Miku Hatsune. I want to watch her every minute.’
B:  ‘ You are such a stan ! ‘

Illustration:Bylson ‘Monty’ Sy