The TIU Theater opens at the 2nd floor of Makati Square

アモルソロストリートの立ち退き問題で閉館を余儀なくされていた「TIU THEATER 瓜生劇場」が「TIU THEATER まにら新聞劇場」として、マカティスクエア2階に移転オープン。客席数280席で隣にはメトロマニラ最大規模のコマーシャルスタジを併設。今後は映画や演劇のみならず、9月2日(日)に開催が決定した“まにらアイドル祭り”のように様々なイベント会場としての利用も広がりそうだ。ナビマニラphでも随時スケジュールを掲載していく予定なので要チェック。

TIU Theaterまにら新聞劇場(旧TIU Theater瓜生劇場)の活動実績

・2015年”The best Production for Children” at the ALIW AWARDS

The TIU Theater is a venue for the growing art scene in Metro Manila. It first opened its doors in May 2014 to various theater, performance, and artistic groups looking for a home to call their own.
Toshihiko Uriu, a Japanese film and theater advocate and the TIU Theater’s Resident Director, is a staunch supporter of the Philippine Art Scene. He opened TIU’s doors to artistic groups in need because he believes that the cultural and artistic diversity of the Philippines should be preserved. Furthermore, he believes that talented children from the urban poor should be given a chance to develop their skills.
To this goal, the TIU Theater envisions itself to become a venue for various indigenous groups and regional community theater groups to proudly stage their productions. Aside from the theater, there is also a free training facility for talented urban poor children to develop their skills in singing, dancing and acting. The TIU Theater opened at its new location in Makati Square. It shall be open for rental to sustain its operation in helping our local artists.

TIU THEATER まにら新聞劇場(TIU Theater)
2F Makati Cinema Square, Don Chino Roces Ave., Makati City
Tel: (02) 845-0804 or (02)478-9410
E-mail: tiutheater@gmail.com Contact Person: Ms. Eva Lee
Website: http://www.tiu.makati.jp/ Facebook: TIUTheater